Special Issue:

Novel Formulation Strategies for the Delivery of Natural Therapeutic Agents emphasizing the active role of natural products extracted from plants, animals or microbial origin
Guest Editors:
Mahesh Prabhakar More - maheshpharma99@gmail.com
Prashant Krishnarao Deshmukh - pkdesh@rediffmail.com

Special issue information:
In this special issue, we aim to address the following topics:
1. Formulation development for the delivery of therapeutic agents for the treatment of human diseases/ailments
2. Targeted Drug Delivery approaches for immunity boosting in disease condition
3. Use of natural precursor for the synthesis of nanocarrier with promising therapeutic outcome
4. Enhancement of solubility and dissolution characteristics by modification of natural precursor using chemical or physical approaches.

Manuscript submission information:
Authors must submit their articles by December 30, 2023. When submitting your manuscript please select the article type “SI: Novel Formulation Strategies".

All submissions that are considered acceptable for peer review will be evaluated by a minimum of two independent reviewers. Once your submission is approved, it will be processed and published concurrently as Online First and as part of the online Special Issue. Articles from this Special Issue will be properly identified and branded as such.

Please verify that you have read the Instructions for Authors before beginning to write your article. Kindly submit here.

NRFHH will waive the APC for all the accepted articles. This will be applicable for all the submissions received, which are accepted for publication after peer review.